Who can grow your social media account?

Can a VA, outsource service or your friend’s Gen Z daughter grow your social media community?
Social Media Strategy = Consistent Growth

The answer is yes absolutely but only if you have provided them with a good robust social media strategy that they follow.

So often I meet other business owners who tell me that they really dislike social media and so outsource it to a VA, outsource service or “young person.” A great solution if you want to get rid of the problem but not if you want to grow a community connected to your business and your business interests.


Because social media isn’t just about asking your audience if they prefer coffee or tea or publishing endless well-meaning quotes and sayings that have no relevance to you or your business ethos or producing short-form video that show the latest dance moves!

Social media is about understanding who you are talking to, getting underneath the topics that are important to them, engaging with them in the appropriate way and not just broadcasting in the hope that they might stumble upon your post and want to tell you if they like coffee or tea.

Don’t get me wrong, making your posts more human and relatable is great but think about what it is you want from your audience? You want them to understand more about you and what you do, you want them to engage sensibly and collaboratively with you and you want them to recommend you to their own community and network to help you grow your sales funnel.

I love VA’s, outsourcing services and┬ámy mate’s daughters but if you haven’t provided them with a strategic blueprint to follow how will they know how to grow your account? Tactics are great but not if there isn’t a strategy to implement first.

So before you breathe that sigh of relief that you have offloaded the “dreaded social media” think about how well those posts will really reflect your business values and strategy.

Do you have a strategic blueprint for your social media strategy? If not let’s chat!