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Group workshops, one-to-one training & online sessions

Social Honeycomb Social Media Training

Social Media Training 

I provide a series of masterclasses, one-to-one training or online recorded sessions specifically tailored to your needs and knowledge level. Covering a wide range of social media topics, my one-to-one training and group workshops include short, focused sessions and more targeted coaching spread over a number of weeks. If you want to fully understand and master your social media platforms, build genuine online communities or learn how to convert followers into clients, this is just for you.

Social Honeycomb's Content Creation Club

Creating Content with Caroline

Stuck for ideas to post about?  Join this community and generate enough content ideas, with me, in one session to populate all your social media for the following month.


Join your peers and work together, with me, for one session or as part of a series to really understand a social media platform, how to create great content and many other topics.

Social Honeycomb | Social Media Masterclasses


Get the personal touch when learning the topic that has so far escaped you. One-to-one tuition will cover all the same topics as the Masterclasses but will be tailored just for you.

Social Honeycomb | One-to-One Social Media Training

Get Social with Video

Learn to create video on your smartphone and combine it with your social media strategy and tactics to grow your community.

Get Social with Video

Play it Again

Every so often there are social media and content topics that you just need to a recap on. So, settle down, plug in and watch these recorded online videos at a time that suits you.

Social Honeycomb | Play It Again Social Media Training

To bee or not to bee

Let Social Honeycomb help you keep your social media marketing a hive of activity. 


I provide extensive social media mentoring and strategy to empower your digital marketing.

Get Social with Video

Learn now to leverage the power of video to supercharge your social media engagement.

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