June Awareness Days & Content Ideas

Awareness Days are often dismissed as irrelevant but let me show you how valuable they can be for prompting content creation ideas.

It’s that time of the month. You know, the time when you want to start planning your content for the coming month.

Great news if you are connected to sport, especially triathlons or just swimming or cycling. There are lots of sporting awareness days in June.

For the sporty amongst you
🚴🏽‍♀️ World Bicycle Day
🏃‍♂️ Global Running Day
🏊‍♀️ Drowning Prevention Week
🏏 UK Coaching Week

Fish and Chips in paper
Fish and Chip Day

If you are more food-related then you want to jump on
🍟 National Fish and Chip Day
🌭 National Sausage Roll Day
🍺 National Beer Day
🍷 English Wine Week

Turtles and marine life in the sea
World Environment Day and World Oceans Day

For those whose, businesses and profiles are environmentally connected you have
🌎World Environment Day
🌊 World Oceans Day
💨 National Clean Air Day


Dog in park with ball
Bring your dog to work day

And just for fun, there is
🐈‍⬛ Hug Your Cat Day
🐕 Bring Your Dog to Work Day
😎 International Sunglasses day.

Here is the complete list in date order.

17 May –  National Smile Month – a great opportunity to post about what you are grateful for.

28 May – The Great British Spring Clean – yes you can talk about cleaning your house or office but why not chat about spring cleaning your business, I’m going to talk about spring cleaning my social media, out with the old followers who add no value and in with the new ones who can help me build my community.

1 – SANDS Awareness Month

1 – Volunteer Week 

30 May – Bike Week – for all those triathlon coaches or wellness specialists why not talk about the benefits of cycling or if you own a B&B talk about the cycling routes around your business.

31 May – Garden Wildlife Day

2 – Global Running Day – another one for those sporty people. However, if you are into food why not talk about healthy food options for those who do run or exercise?

3 – World Bicycle Day 

4 – National Fish and Chip Day – what’s not to love about this day?

4 – Hug Your Cat Day – a bit of fun and shows a behind the scenes glimpse of your fury friend

5 – World Environment Day – something that is very topical, what do you do in your business to reduce your impact on the environment? What does your audience do?

5 – National Sausage Roll Day – if sausage rolls aren’t your thing why not talk about your favourite foods or what your routine is around working and eating?

6 – National Gardening Exercise Day

6 – National Cancer Survivors’ Day

7 – UK Coaching Week – aimed at the sports coaches out there coaching children and grass roots sports but how about talking about who has helped coach you through your business ups and downs? Give a shout out to your supportive business community.

7 – British Heart Week 

7 – Child Safety Week – promote a business or group who supports children in your local area, an opportunity for you to give some exposure to someone else.

7 – Carers Week

7 – Aromatherapy Awareness Week

7 – Tourettes Awareness Day

8 – National Best Friends Day – who are your business friends, where do you go for advice or who do you recommend to your audience for complimentary services to yours?

8 – World Oceans Day – for those swimmers, paddleboarders or sailors out there, this is for you. Talk about your passions or what you do to safeguard our oceans.

12 – Drowning Awareness Week – a week very close to my heart having been involved with SwimTayka, a charity that teaches children to swim. If swimming isn’t your thing why not talk about something you are learning to do or a life skill you have that you couldn’t cope without?

14 – Nutrition & Hydration Week – great for all you nutritionists out there.

14 – World Blood Donor Day

14 – Loneliness Awareness Week – social media is often given bad press but why not use it to reach out to those that might be lonely or use it as a prompt to up your networking efforts, go on get building that community.

15Men’s Health Week

15 – Cervical Screening Awareness Week – something all us ladies need to keep on top of. Or maybe talk about something to do with your health or the health of your business

15 – National Beer Day – oh yes please! How do you wind down at the end of the day or when you take time off?

17 – National Clean Air Day

17 – Neighbour’s Week – so social media related – talk about your community

18 – International Picnic Day – is your business food related? Talk about what you could pack for a picnic, or where you could go locally to have a picnic. Who would you like to have a picnic with?

19 – English Wine Week

19 – National Martini Day

20- Father’s Day – a shout out to all those great Father’s out there, or if your business sells products or services for Father’s Day get promoting them at the beginning of June.

20 – International Surfing Day – I first think about surfing the waves (something I’ve never been able to master so I may head here for a lesson! ) Or what about the websites you surf in order to support your business and do your job?

21 – International Day of Yoga – extol the virtues of this activity

21 – World Music Day – What is your favourite music to wind down to, or work to?

21 – Bring your Dog to Work Day – Calling all dog lovers! We know animals especially dogs do really well on social media so let’s get out there with pics of our pooches in our offices!

21 – Wellbeing Week – it coincides with the Summer Solstice and is a great opportunity for businesses connected with this area to really showcase their services and products and to really talk to your audience about the importance of wellbeing.

22 – Positive Media Day – I’ll be talking about the fact that positive social media creates much greater engagement than negative, so focus on something positive about your business or community.

24 – Swim a Lap Day – calling all swim enthusiasts – why not give a shout out to your local pool, lake or beach. Let’s share the love for the local businesses.

27 – International Sunglasses Day – let’s see you in your shades!

30 – World Social Media Day – do you love it or hate it – share your thoughts with your audience!

What to do now?

For additional days check out Awareness Days and Checkiday but always double-check the day as they can sometimes vary.

So get your thinking caps on and why not tag me into any posts you create as a result of reading this blog, and if you want more help or are struggling to think of ideas to post about why not register your interest in joining my Content Creation Club that starts in September by clicking here and entering your details.