How to Conquer the Instagram Algorithm with 3 Simple Actions

Let’s look at how we can create great content that actually reaches your audience.

How frustrating is it when you publish a post to Instagram and it doesn’t get much engagement or reach?

You’ve spent time creating that content only for it to fall short of your expectations.

Getting good levels of engagement when posting to Instagram can seem like a dark art at times.

The internet is full of falsehoods about what the algorithm likes and dislikes so it is easy to think much of it comes down to luck. Well, this isn’t true and with the 3 simple actions at the end of this post, you could soon see your content getting much better levels of engagement.

Keep it Simple

For me, it’s a case of keeping it simple and real. So much of Instagram is fake, the followers, the posts, the engagement but it is the genuine and authentic posts and businesses that really stand out from the crowd.

I came across this great article written by the Instagram gurus known as Planoly which goes into a lot more detail but in essence, it agrees with me!

Keeping it REAL means

  • Relevent – don’t just post about the things that you like. Think about what your audience wants to know and learn from you, and if you don’t know why not ask them?
  • Engaging – does your content make them want to get involved with you, do they want to be a part of your post? 💩 content will have them scrolling on by.
  • Authentic – does it relate to the lives of your audience? Yes, you want to inspire people but only if they can truly relate to it.
  • Likeable – we all need to like something before we will recommend it or share it. So by making it likeable your audience is more likely to fall in love with it and want to share it with their friends and their audience too.
Phone in hands yellow
Instagram engagement 30 minutes after posting


3 Simple Actions

Once you have created REAL content that will resonate with your audience, why not implement these 3 actions that will help you conquer the Instagram algorithm.

  1. Get Reel! – get creative and implement Reels as part of your strategy. They are new to the platform and so the algorithm heavily promotes them above all other features. A great way to create greater reach for your posts
  2. 30 minute Rule – The first 30 minutes after posting is key. Whenever possible hang around online to ensure you can quickly reply to any comments that are made. Again the algorithm likes the immediacy of this and is more likely to promote your post.
  3. Quality over Quantity – it’s a no brainer really but it is much better to create fewer posts of a higher quality than lots of low-quality posts. Remember no amount of Instagram algorithm tips and tricks will help if your content is 💩!

So there you have it, 3 simple actions that will help you conquer the Instagram Algorithm and enable your content to reach a wider audience.

I hope this helps and please do hit reply if you would like to ask any questions.

Let’s get your social media buzzing!

Caroline x

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