How often should I post to my social media?

How often should I post to my social media? This is a question I am often asked and one that has no specific answer – sorry! Other than probably not as regularly as you think! 

How often do you post? Once a day, once a week, every day for a week and then nothing for a month? 

You will have no doubt seen that with each blog or article you read you will be given a different viewpoint, a different theory or answer. And they are just that, theories as we don’t have access to each of the platform algorithms so we don’t actually know! There is no magic formula, all we can do is test for ourselves and go from there.

What works for one brand will not work for another

We all have different audiences and content and different outcomes you want to achieve. So rather than chasing the non-existent formula focus on these 3 things

  1. Consistency is better than frequency.
  2. Quality content is better than quantity of content.
  3. Set yourself an objective that you want to achieve.
Consistency over Frequency

Work out what is a reasonable amount of content that you can produce and work backwards from there. You are better to post once a week every week, than 5 times in one week and then nothing for 2 weeks.

Don’t be taken in by the “best times to post” claims.

Think of your own audience, when are they likely to be online? Experiment with different times to post and then look at the most popular posts. What might work for the majority may not work for you and also be mindful of the time zone being referred to.  often talk about the best time to post, but 6am their time may not be 6am your time!!

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Looking at Social Media
Quality over Quantity

Relevance is everything. If your content quality is poor and irrelevant then you might as well not post at all. You will lose more followers than you gain.

Good quality content needs to be relevant, authentic and helpful. Your audience wants to learn something, they want to benefit from consuming your content otherwise they might as well just scroll on by. You want to pique their interest and excite them not send them to sleep or confuse them. 

Objective setting

If I had a £ for every time someone said to me “I understand we all need to use social media but there is no way of knowing how successful it is” I would be a rich woman by now! 

By setting objectives you can see how successful you are, whether your content is hitting the right spot with your audience. But decide what those objectives are.

Do you want more likes and shares, more followers, more profile views or clicks to your website? Then regularly refer to your analytics and measure because if your objective is to get more people viewing your website but you are getting lots of likes or followers you are not achieving what you set out to achieve. It may make you feel good but actually how is it benefiting you? And if you are not achieving your objectives then your content isn’t right. 


So, in summary, there is no simple answer or magic formulae – sorry! It is about consistency and quality and goal setting. It is also about engagement not just broadcasting so remember to comment and chat to your community as well as posting to your followers, but more about that another time.