Awareness Days and Ideas for April

April is nearly here and its time to start planning your social media posts for the month

A great place to start is with Awareness Days. Pick out the most relevant to your business or those that you can have fun with that will show the personality behind your brand. Then think about what you will write, the style and type of the post and get them scheduled in. Don’t just post about Awareness Days but use them to generate other ideas to post about. If you just used 4 awareness days a month, that’s 4 posts you’ve already planned. Simple! 

While the idea is not to write “Today is Vitamin C day so I am celebrating all things Vitamin C related” it is the opportunity to use the day to prompt your creative juices to write posts that your audience can relate to. So maybe you write about the benefits Vitamin C has when included in your diet, or advise which foods are rich in Vitamin C. Alternatively flip it on its head and for all you water-based businesses talk about Vitamin Sea. We all love a picture of the sea and it’s a great opportunity to talk about your business and something you love. 

Awareness Days for April

So here are a few of April’s Awareness Days and some suggestions as to how they can be used. There are lots of others out there so hit Google and find out which ones I’ve left out. 

    • 1st Stress Awareness Month #StressAwarenessMonth – great for talking about mindfulness, yoga, ways to reconnect with yourself and ways to reduce your stress levels 
    • 1st IBS Awareness Month #IBSAwarenessweek- an opportunity to talk about food types and diet, anything health-related
    • 1st National Pet Month #NationalPetMonth- this is something for everyone. Write about your own pets, or those of friends and colleagues. Write about specific things to do with pets, or write about how they encourage people to exercise more and the benefits of exercise. For the water lovers amongst you write about swimming with pets! 
    • 2nd World Autism Day #WorldAutismDay – tell your story, share your experiences or those of friends. Provide advice on how to cope with it or how to approach someone who has it.
    • 2nd Good Friday – yippee a long weekend. Talk about what you are getting up to over the bank holiday and ask what your audience plan to do. Why not share the details of a business that is open over the weekend too.
    • 4th Discover National Parks Fortnight #DiscoverNationalParks if you live near a national park not give it a shout out? If you don’t, and that’s probably most of us, why not talk about walks nearby, discuss where you want to go on holiday or which parks you will visit when the lockdown is over.
4th April 2021 is Discover National Parks Fortnight #DiscoverNationalParks
4th April 2021 is Discover National Parks Fortnight #DiscoverNationalParks
    • 4th Easter Sunday  – chocolate or religion, your choice!
    • 4th National Vitamin C Day #VitaminCDay – after the year we’ve all had why not talk about the benefits of getting vitamin C into your diet? Or, for all you water lovers and sports enthusiasts, have a play with the day and write a post about your own fix of #VitaminSea who doesn’t love a picture of the beach!  
    • 5th Bee Active, Bee Healthy, Bee Happy – I had to include this!! 
    • 5th Education and Sharing Day #EducationandSharingDay Why not share an education post with your followers, teach them something new?
    • 7th World Health day #WordHealthDay – an opportunity to talk about how you keep healthy or ask your audience how they address their health. Flip it on its head and talk about the health of your business and how you run it. 
    • 7th No House Work Day #NoHouseWorkDay – yippeee put your feet up and talk about your day off! 
    • 9th National Gin and Tonic Day #NationalGinandTonicDay – oh yes please! I work with a few businesses in the hospitality industry so they will be posting about this delicious drink and how to pair the right garnish with the right gin. If you are not a gin lover or it has nothing to do with your business why not talk about what you do to wind down after work or when the kids are in bed – some reach for the gin, you reach for the ……..?
    • 10th World Homeopathy Awareness Week #WorldHomeopathyAwarenessWeek – a great opportunity to talk about the benefits of homeopathy, or if you are not a homeopath why not talk about other alternative medicines
    • The Grand National – anyone horsey out there? Talk about these magnificent creatures or if you aren’t talk about how excited you might be to get back to large sporting or music events, talk about the buzz, the excitement etc
    • 12th Ramadan starts
    • 12th National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day #NationalGrilledCheeseSandwichDay oh yes please! A brilliant day for all you foodie people out there. 
    • 16th WorldVoice Day #WorldVoiceDay – an opportunity to talk about how social media has given you an opportunity to share your voice and thoughts further afield or flip it and talk about the importance of communicating with your community, of having real conversations about your business and thoughts. 
    • 18th English Tourism Week #EnglishTourismWeek – an amazing opportunity for hospitality to talk about all things touristy in the UK. If you are B&B or pub fully embrace this week. 
    • 19th National Garlic Day #NationalGarlicDay – again another for you foodies out there, or talk about the health benefits if you are in that business.
    • 20th National Stationery Week #NationalStationeryWeek – an opportunity to show your desk or items you use for running your business. 
    • 21st National Tea Day #NationalTeaDay – who will you be sharing a cuppa with in the coming weeks?
    • 22nd The Big Pedal #TheBigPedal – aimed at getting kids cycling but why not talk about the health or environmental benefits of picking up a bike. 
    • 22nd World Jelly Bean Day #NationalJellyBeanDay – no explanation needed!! 
    • 23rd St George’s Day #StGeorgesDay – lets get patriotic. Talk about the benefits of working with local businesses to you or flip it on it’s head and talk about how, although based in the UK, you have an international reach
    • 24th National Skipping Day #NationalSkippingDay – go on get that skipping rope out and have a go! A great day to post about the benefits of exercise, or games to play with children or memories from your childhood.
    • 25th World Penguin Day  #WorldPenguinDay who doesn’t love these fluffy animals?
25th April 2021 is World Penguin Day #WorldPenguinDay
25th April 2021 is World Penguin Day #WorldPenguinDay
    • 27th National Gardening Week #NationalGardeningWeek – such a great day with so many opportunities to create ideas. For those gardeners out there jump on this and showcase what you have been working on. For those health professionals why not extol the virtues of being mindful in the garden. For the florists amongst you talk about home grown flowers and plants. Lots and lots of ideas! 
    • 28th Stop Food Waste Day  #StopFoodWasteDay – a great opportunity for those chefs or mum bloggers to talk about how you can plan a week’s menu with minimum waste. For those owning cafe’s or restaurants talk about how you reduce waste or if you have waste where does it go, do you work with foodbanks
    • 30th Tour de Yorkshire #TourdeYorkshire a great opportunity to talk all things cycling or Yorkshire! Cyclists why not talk about the makes and models of bikes and kit, or how to get fit for cycling, best nutrition tips etc

What to do now

For additional days check out Awareness Days and Checkiday but always double-check the day as they can sometimes vary ( as I found out when I sent my Mother in Law her Mother’s Day present last week, only to find out that in Holland they don’t celebrate it until May! )

So get your thinking caps on and why not tag me into any posts you create as a result of reading this blog, and if you want more help or are struggling to think of ideas to post about join my Creating Content with Social Honeycomb Club that starts this week (here’s a link to find out more)